Dr. Cheryl La Grange

I am a passionate wife, mother of three and Chiropractor serving the Old Town and greater Bangor area in Maine. We relocated to Maine from South Africa in 2015 and have completely immersed ourselves in the local way of life. Winter is interesting and certainly challenges us to find our inner strength, but when we do, and we use it, we are rewarded with magnificent summers and get to experience life, the way it was meant to be.
Over the past 20 years or so of clinical practice my curiosity and continuous desire to learn, led me down several paths, each of which added value my patients have benefited from.
I have a keen interest in and have trained extensively in pediatric chiropractic and I treat babies who've experienced difficult births, present with colic, reflux, sleeping and feeding disorders etc. Toddlers are just as welcome in my practice. They frequently suffer from ear infections and recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, which respond incredibly to chiropractic care.
I offer several chiropractic techniques including the gentle NSA approach, drop table, activator and instrument adjusting, and classic diversified adjusting.

Trigger points or myofascial pain syndrome therapy is always part of the treatment protocol and in addition, I use several adjunctive therapy modalities that include e - stim/moist heat application/cervical traction and more to support spinal adjustments.
I make regular use of Footlevelers orthotics in my practice and rely heavily on their supportive function and corrective influence when treating the whole spine. There is an orthotic for everyone. Footlevelers are the "Rolls Royce "of the orthotics out there and my patients deserve nothing less.
I access an extensive range of herbal remedies and natural products, which provides medicinal support for my patients, and many benefit from expertly selected and recommended products available only through doctors. One of the ranges recently added to my kickass arsenal is CBD oil from the sacred plant, cannabis. I love dispensing it to patients. All I have to do is hand over the bottle and the extract does the rest.
I am thrilled to announce that I also offer food/mold/environmental chemicals/food additive sensitivity testing.
By far my favorite addition to practice, is the incredibly transformational anti-inflammatory program called Shape Reclaimed. This revolutionary program transforms health, reduces chronic medication and retrains the metabolism for total health restoration. It is closely monitored by me and supported by a nano molecular complex supplement which balances and guides the metabolic changes that accompany healthy change.
I look forward to a continually challenging practice in which I have the privilege of serving you in the Old Town and greater Bangor area for many years to come.

Colin La Grange

I am a strong proponent of supporting the body's innate healing ability. I love the power of herbal, nutritional and homeopathic supplements and their elegant way of encouraging healing rather than simply managing symptoms.
I believe in the power of knowledge and understanding and have dedicated 32 years to studying psychology, physiology, disease and holistic medicine, to better serve my clients in obtain and sustain ideal health.
My passion for understanding the complexity of disease and curative options led me to develop a natural remedy formula used to successfully helped 4500+ couples achieve their dreams of having children. I also created and natural protocol for treating infertility that was thought as a post-graduate course at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa where I worked in the field of natural medicine and infertility for 20 years. In 2018 I published a book about belly fat and inflammation call Humania Waistland to help people understand why the body stores belly fat and why it is so dangerous for ones health. I am thrilled to bring all this experience and knowledge to work with my wife at Riversedge Chiropractic Wellness Center where we can continue our legacy of helping patients live their optimal lives.



Dr. Michael Noonan was and still is a legend in the Old Town community and we are humbly following in his footsteps, but they are large and the steps he took were big and bold. He lovingly and intuitively cared for his patients with a combination of expert chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and herbal/wellness practices. His patients constantly sing his praises and they remind us every day, just how big his shoes are to fill.

We were able to work with him for a little while before he heeded the call of his growing family and the tug to be with his grandbabies eventually tugged him all the way down south to the Brunswick area, where he and his wife, Judy relocated in early 2018.

Noonan Chiropractic became Riversedge Chiropractic. It got a new sign and coat of paint, but the bones are all still solid, and aligned just right because the foundation of Noonan Chiropractic is sound. The same happy faces greet you when you pop in for an appointment and you get the same kind of loving care when you receive your treatment. We kept everything from Noonan and expanded our offerings so that we have something for everyone here at REC.

We work tirelessly to grow, and expand so that we can offer you the very best, and look forward to many years of service to the Old Town and greater Bangor area.

Whitney Holmes

Front Desk

Whitney is a welcoming face at the front desk to navigate you through all you needs at Riversedge, she will ensure you are looked after from the moment you arrive to the time you leave making sure you care plan is scheduled to best accommodate your preferred times