How Laser Therapy Works

When you schedule your appointment for Laser Therapy at Riversedge, we'll explain the molecular and biochemical effects of laser and how we see it working for you.

Laser/PMBT generates photochemical responses at the cellular level which increase circulation and cellular energy production while reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. All light travels in waves and is composed of photons which are microscopic energy particles. Existing just beyond the visible light spectrum are the red and near infrared light waves characterized by long, gentle wavelengths which penetrate tissue and convey their restorative benefits at a cellular level.

Laser therapy is supported by thousands of published studies demonstrating its clinical effectiveness in the treatment of athletic injuries, ulcers, chronic sprains, and strains as well as in the treatment of old scar tissue, both superficial and deep.

The convenient process and incredible results produced by laser therapy make it an ideal treatment for a variety of patients. Find out if laser therapy is part of your custom treatment program and schedule your first appointment by calling 207-827-5951 today.