Natural Medicine

Healthcare As Old As Time

When we say natural medicine here at Riversedge Chiropractic, we think Homeopathy, herbal medicine, supplements and more. We do not like the term "alternative medicine" as this medicine has been around since Adam and Eve made their debut to the earth in the time of Genesis. In fact, modern medicine, which is the tender age of around 100 years, should be called alternate medicine, in our humble opinion! That being said, we have an expert in the subject, Colin La Grange in house two days each week and his appointments are precious and hard to come by because he is so good at what he does! With more than 25 years spent treating not only all common garden varieties of ailments but spending many years treating infertility and many other hormonal imbalances, detoxification issues, weight gain, chronic fatigue and tick-borne diseases, we are truly blessed to have him here two days a week.

If you love natural medicine but are overwhelmed when you scan the shelves in the natural food store and need someone with years of expert experience, call out office today on 207-827-5951 and book an appointment with Colin La Grange.